A project by Jakob Glasner and Katrin Nora Kober (Artistic Collaborator), developed on the occasion of Designmonat on the topic of revolution for the economic department of the city of Graz, in cooperation with Kunsthaus Graz and Ars Electronica Center Linz.

Three times short, three times long, three times short: The Graz clock tower, built around the 13th century, has witnessed human-induced climate change from the beginning. In the past, it warned residents of fires or medieval attacks. Now, it addresses one of the biggest challenges of our time, sending a Morse SOS signal into the night sky via the autonomous use of its lighting.

It becomes a beacon of the climate movement and confronts us with the question: Who will help our ecosystem and thus our own future? The translation of the acronym “SOS” opens up room for interpretation. Save Our Souls? Save our Species? Swap our System? What shall we save, and what needs to be changed?

As a first responder, Kunsthaus Graz translated climate-related interpretations of the acronym on its BIX media facade. During the month-long intervention, the economics department of the city of Graz presented enterprises that responded effectively to the challenges of the climate crisis. Other departments and initiatives (Umweltamt, Nachhaltig in Graz, etc.) completed the picture of possible personal or political actions.

The spark of the clock tower and Kunsthaus Graz spread further to the Ars Electronica Center Linz in 2024. In the months leading up to the Austrian ‘Earth Overshoot Day,’ the facade intensified the SOS signal day by day, acting as a reminder that all natural regenerative resources would soon be used up. After EOD, it remained silent. Only visitors can now trigger the signal alongside a personal SOS interpretation, giving people a tool to amplify their desire for change.

The ‘landmark for future’ movement aims to become a symbol of the global solidarity needed in a climate revolution. Because we are all affected and challenged, we are looking for landmarks across the globe to join our initiative. Reach out to us and let your landmark speak up.

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