Nowhere Clock 
A Timepiece by Johannes Mandorfer & Jakob Glasner 

Alongside smart solutions, good design also offers aesthetically appealing experiences. But how often does it happen that a product reaches beyond to challenge us for example with the playfulness of language? While design often seeks to avoid text on products, the NOWHERE Clock is all about one simple wordplay - and it’s a brilliant one.  Jakob Glasner and Johannes Mandorfer created a clock, which hands consist of two words. They are well known from various and very much present discourses. The terms “NOW” and “HERE” are used in a wide spectrum, reaching from mindfulness over to political agitation and revolution. The pun of the NOWHERE Clock rests upon the simple fact that clock hands cross almost every hour and this moment of combining those words sends all urgency over to NOWHERE.  To give this simple but strong idea space, Glasner and Mandorfer follow strong reductionism and minimalistic design. Regarding the use of both non-colors as well as the abdication of marks on the clock face. On which the striking letters continuously shift time and meaning.  The NOWHERE Clock somehow manages the rare balance between appealing fitment and humorous aha-moment, that isn’t free from irony. 

Design and Trademark registered. Available soon!