Jakob Glasner is an Austrian born artist and designer, whose work focuses on social and political systems and their physical representation. After finishing his studies at the University for Applied Arts Vienna, he started creating a series of immersive performances and objects creating irritating variations of reality. Additionally he experiments with alternatives such as open or sustainable design, trying not only to critique reality but creating experiences with possible alternatives. His work has been exhibited internationally and was awarded with prizes like the design concepts award at the Austrian design prizes.
1987 born in Austria
2007-2016 University for Applied Arts Vienna:
Design, Architektur and Environment (James Skone)
Kunst und kommunikative Praxis (Barbara Putz-Plecko)

2022 Österreischische Staatspreise Design - Auszeichnung f=mg
2021 Red Dot Award - f=mg design concept
2021 Austrian Interior Design Award - f=mg
2021 Iconic Awards - Innovative Interior Winner f=mg
2020 BigSee Wood Design Award r^2pi
2020 Blickfang Designpreis - f=mg
2020 Future Foward Award - Blickfang fair
2020 Skyltmax Stipendium
2019 Monochrom Annual Cocktail Robot Award V.21
2019 German Design Award Nominee
2018 2. Platz Craft Design Award
2017 Österreischische Staatspreise Design - Sonderpreis “Design Concepts”
2008 Leistungsstipendium der Universität für angewandte Kunst

Exhibitions (Selection)
Salone del Mobile 2022, SaloneSatellite - f=mg
Designforum Wien 2022, Best of Austrian Design - f=mg
Technisches Museum Wien, Foodprints 2021 - Contemporary Silverware
Showcase Best of Styrian Design, Designforum Graz 2021 - Gold Silber Eisen
Blickfang Zürich 2020 - f=mg
Blickfang MAK Vienna 2020 - f=mg
Vienna Design Week 2020 - Open Food Design
Monochrom Roboexotica 2019 - Databar
Kunsthaus Weiz 2019 - Performance Databar
Vienna Design Week 2019 - Contemporary Silverware
Design Monat Graz 2019 - Chaotisch
Wuk Wien 2018 - Performance Databar
Neue Galerie Innsbruck 2018 - Kurzfilm Databar / #ScreenTime von Barbis Ruder
Vienna Design Week 2018 - Performance Databar
Stadthalle Graz 2018 - Chaotisch
Designforum Wien 2017 – Ausstellung Staatspreis Design “Fingerschinder"
Cinema Next Schubertkino 2017 – Kunstfilm ''Touching Screens – Touching Skin''
Streetcinema Graz 2016 – Kunstfilm ''Touching Screens – Touching Skin''
Artist in Residence Rostfest 2016 – Kunstfilm ''Touching Screens – Touching Skin''
Festival Rostfest 2015 – Performance Face Weight Lifting
Shedhalle Zürich 2013 – Open Call Luegerplatz
Wiener Gebirgsverein 2012 – Fotoserie “Buildering”
Palais Palfy 2012 – Kunst: Tabu: Bruch / Spiel mit Grenzen und Tabus
Intertool Messe Wien 201 0 – ELRA Motorwurm
Luegerplatz Wien 2009 – Arbeitskreis zur Umgestaltung des Lueger-Denkmals in ein Mahnmal gegen Antisemitismus und Rassismus
Vienna Design Week 2009 – Dae City
VinziRast Wien 2008 – Der Blick von unten
Museum für angewadnte Kunst, Mak Nite 2008 – ''Kunst di bewegn''
Armutskonferenz Salzburg 2008 – Der Blick von unten

Books & Texts
2017 Staatspreis Design 2018 Gewinner ''Design Concepts''
2011 Open Call: Handbuch zur Umgestaltung des Lueger-Denkmals
2008 Augustin Beilage – Der Blick von unten

Panel Discussions
2021 IAKS Expert*innentagung ''SPORT im ZENTRUM 2021''
2011 ''Trendsport Bergsteigen im Spannungsfeld zwischen Konsumismus und selbst bestimmtem Abenteuer''


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