A project in cooperation with Shannon McLachlan

“Your kids will love this new packable bouncy castle.
Its so versatile, simply drive to your desired bouncing location, then plug and play!”

Yes, you can blow up a bouncy castle with a vehicle’s exhaust fumes! It’s our dystopian way of expressing our society’s willingness to trade in the future of generations for short-term pleasure. Is it legitimate to work primarily with fossil-based plastics and
combustion engines any longer in artistic projects? In most cases, we would respond with a NO, but in this project it is different. We
believe that EXHAUSTED especially highlights our society’s absurd way of expending CO2 for unnecessary comfort in transportation and play, instead of using the remaining quota for the much-needed sustainable systemic change.

Our first compact-sized model for a single SUV is ready to be filled and can’t wait to perform. There are plenty of other versions we are working on, like a big one powered by multiple SUVs or a backpack extension for parasite fume extraction. It enables us to collect this unseen output of our daily lives and to make it visible in the bouncy castle for reflection.
Thanks to our fabulous video crew:
Eva, Niclas, Bettina, Lisi, Laura & Jonathan