Open Food Design
by Philipp Lammer & Jakob Glasner

The path taken by a tomato from its origins as a seed to the plate is a long one. In an age in which systems of food production are industrialized and mostly designed to maximize profits, these production processes generally remain hidden to consumers, who are unlikely to enjoy any personal contact with producers. At the same time, the processes of reproducing seeds and developing new breeds are becoming increasingly privatized (and, hence, controlled by big business). And: The pandemic has merely accelerated a trend towards eating in smaller groups or, even, alone. As a follow-up to existing initiatives (CONTEMPORARY SILVERWARE, which could be seen at the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK 2019) and with the help of open design strategies, Jakob Glasner and Philipp Lammer now cover the entire food chain, from beginning (seeds) to end (plate) – as a means of creating an alternative to isolation. And by working with market gardeners and consumers to develop tasty and robust breeds of tomato they ultimately question the classic division of roles into producers and consumers. In order to turn the act of eating, a symbolic embodiment of this participative breeding process, into a communal experience, they created a set of soup dishes for the connection, connecting diners from plate to plate while allowing them to maintain a safe distance from each other

The project is being realized in cooperation with RIESS Emaille and Arche Noah.