Nie Ohne Seife Waschen
KIÖR Open call, 2020-2022

'Nie Ohne Seife Waschen', a project in cooperation with Marie Pircher, started as a submission for a KIÖR open call. The institute for art in public space was looking for a corona memorial concept at the height of the pandemic. Afraid that they would pick a traditional permanent memorial, we felt the need to at least submit a different take on memorial culture.

The concept is based on the most important thing at the time - hand sanitizing soap. Instead of a small bloc at home, we've designed a blown-up version made out of small soap leftovers in public space. A metal podium would collect all the wastewater and lead it into the canal. The title 'Nie Ohne Seife Waschen' is engraved on the sides and references the mnemonic for the geographic directions. Over time, the block will degrade through use and environmental influences, leaving back a speaker corner-like podium for people to discuss their memories of the pandemic.

The concept made it into the second part of the two-staged selection process, but could not convince the jury in the finals. Still in love with the idea, we created a follow up project to make use of the collected soap leftovers.

In circular design fashion, we turned small lilttle soap scraps from peoples bathrooms (Thanks to everyone participating in the open call) into post-pandemic sanitizing art tools. Inside there are typical austrian slogans like 'one hand washes the other' waiting to reveal your fate, once everything returns to normal. Will it?

We are very thankful for the generous support of Peter Walde, who helped us during the KIÖR application process.

A limited edition of ten, is up for sale. 600 Euro per piece.