Gold Silber Eisen

For years I've been a big fan of the city Eisenerz, its one-of-a-kind history, and landscape shaped by the local iron mine. It also happens to be the location for the multi-disciplinary festival @rost_fest , combining music and the arts. I had the pleasure to show my projects "face weight lifting, 2015" and "touching screens, 2016" in the city.

This year eisenerZ*ART supported by the held an open call, asking what a contemporary souvenir for the region could look like. It is an honor that my submission 'Gold Silber Eisen' has been picked by the seven jury members in a two-stage selection process.

It is referencing the historical legend of how the 'Erzberg' was found. In short, the citizens captured an Aquarius who offered one out of three choices for his freedom. Gold for one year, silver for ten, or iron forever. They choose wisely and picked the long-term option, so the Aquarius guided them to the Erzberg.

This legend can be seen as a parable for our modern-day multi-option society. Overwhelmed by a plethora of options, it is hard to decide how long we should stay in a relationship, live in a city, or change our way of life in the face of climate change.

The souvenir is a basic triangle with a gold, silver, and iron segment and works like a dice for situations in which you can't decide by yourself. Alternatively, you can use a prusik knot and lock the triangle at one side, if you want to live in the golden moment or favor the long-term choices.

Two choices, one made out of genuine gold (14C/585) & silver (925) and one out of brass & silver (925) available at