Cooperative Tableware

This ladle design is dedicated to the community aspect of a dining experience, whether it be in a fine dining restaurant or a dinner with friends or family at home. Via food we are connected with our ecosystem, farmers and even past generations, if we take all the knowledge embedded in food production or tableculture into account.

This cooperative spoon forces guests to work together in a team and communicate. It works like a “Weinheber” for multiple hands. The tube is open at the bottom and closed at the top. The hose pipes on the side are connected to the tube. If the pipes are closed with fingertips like a flute the tube can be used like a lade to pick up soup or any other fluid. Once it is over the plate, the fluid can be released by removing one finger.

The ladle is the first piece in a series of cooperative tableware objects. Plates and cutlery are about to follow.